happy bayram to all the world..

bundan böyle vakit buldukça bloguma ingilizce yazılar da eklemeyi düşünüyorum.. işte bu bağlamda ve bayram münasebetiyle ilk yazım ingilizce bilenler ve ingilizce okumaktan hazzedenler için geliyor :
happy bayram to all muslim people, to all my friends, to all the world..
i wanna give some basics for the ones who wanna know more about the ramazan bayramı..
ramazan bayramı marks the end of the fasting.. after a month of fasting, this 3-day-lasting bayram is for the celebration.. what do we do as a celebration in bayrams? celebration starts with the prayer in the mosques, in the early morning for just the first day of the bayram and continues with the cemetery visits for our loved dead people and for praying for them.. visiting relatives and friends is very important for us in those "mübarek" days.. especially visiting the grandpas is very important.. in our traditions, younger people (especially kids) kiss the hands of the older people, their grandpas.. and the older ones kiss them back and give them some pocket money and/or candies as a response.. by the way, in bayrams everbody buys some candies to their homes and serves them to their visitors.. during those bayram days, there is no work or school :) so you can go and visit your friends/relatives easily ;) i am not doing so much celebration for myself but u should.. emm, well, so, these are the basics.. let me answer if u have any question ;)


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